your friendly neighborhood visual artist, and the flourishing hand behind Tobyrose Designs. Currently residing in sunny Los Angeles, California,
I am an old soul who has a borderline unhealthy obsession with her pup Jethro. While I am not surprised that my path eventually lead me to graphic design, I started out trekking down a different road. After graduating with a degree in Dance Pedagogy, I took my dancing feet to New York City, and eventually LA. Even throughout some pretty rad gigs and experiences, I always found myself itching to do more choreography with my hands, so to speak! Throughout my entire life, I was always influenced by my mother, a stellar graphic artist herself, and once my eyes stumbled upon the art of calligraphy, I fell head over heels (dancers are the clumsiest people, it’s a fact). Thus, Tobyrose Designs was born.

I can’t wait to share my passion with you!


I am a die-hard dog momma.

It was love at first sight for me and my terrier, Jethro.
I’m completely and utterly obsessed with him, and I’m pretty sure at least 80 percent of my photo library is made up of snapshots of him just existing. Totally healthy and fine.

I'm a Broadway Baby.

Musical theater is my JAM. I have been a professional dancer for the past decade, and my heart truly lies in a love of show tunes. It's pretty common to find me belting my lungs out and/or high kicking to a good ol’ musical theater melody.

Hidden talent or proud skill?

I am a self-taught juggler. I am also a master of the
wonderful game of Ms. Pacman. My mission in life:
find a way to do both at the same time.

The sweet tooth is real, ya’ll.

I turn into a straight up cookie monster when I get my hands on some Black & White cookies. Call it nostalgia from living in New York, but these are my absolute favorite sweet treats.

I just really, really love typography.

Shocking, I know. I have always been obsessed with type arrangement, and I used to change my handwriting on the daily as a child. Apparently I wanted to be the Carmen Sandiego of hand-written notes.


Refined style with a personality-infused twist.

We love what we do at Tobyrose Designs, and we want you to join
in on the party. We value uniqueness and innovative design, and
we love serving clients who are in line with that vision.