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I think it was Amy Peohler's creative studio owning twin sister that said "I'm not like a regular designer....I'm a cool designer." Totally accurate quote. That's the thing at Tobyrose Designs, though. I believe there is a place for wit and fun in every corner of the graphic design and wedding world, and I have made it a practice of mine to infuse the two at every turn.

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I'm Ali, your friendly neighborhood visual artist, and the flourishing hand behind Tobyrose Designs. Currently residing in sunny Los Angeles, California, I am an old soul who has a borderline unhealthy obsession with my pup Jethro. While I am not surprised that my path eventually lead me to graphic design, I started out trekking down a different road. After graduating with a degree in Dance Pedagogy, I took my dancing feet to New York City, and eventually LA. Even throughout some pretty rad gigs and experiences, I always found myself itching to do more choreography with my hands, so to speak! Throughout my entire life, I was always influenced by my mother, a stellar graphic artist herself, and once my eyes stumbled upon the art of calligraphy, I fell head over heels (dancers are the clumsiest people, it’s a fact). Thus, Tobyrose Designs was born.

Ep. 01: How this dancer eventually began doing the choreography with her HANDS.

I've been moving and grooving, designing and thriving since 2016,

and I don't plan on ever looking back. After a few years mainly focusing on wedding stationary and custom artwork, I stumbled again (see, I wasn't joking...the clumsiness is a pandemic in my day to day life) into the incredible land of web design, graphic design, and branding. I dove in head first, and emerged with a crazy passionate love for website building and creation, and a complete adoration of brand building and logo design. It all comes back to the concept of visual storytelling...I live it, I breath it, and now, I tell other people’s stories through the eye of a graphic designer.

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the puppy face I live for

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cookie dough is it's own food group. Even better when you mix it with brownies and icing. Whew. dessert dreams.

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the fine art of throwing out a great, and I mean, great, pun at any, and i mean, any, opportunity. witty puns = life.

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a completely personal experience. You are the star of your brand, website, wedding, whatever you may be here for.

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small business owner looking to take the next step. You know who you are, and you are ready to make your brand represent that.

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Ali was beyond amazing. The quality of her work for my wedding on the invitations, signs, and cake topper were better than I could have every imagined! Plus she was early for every deadline which blew my mind because I had a big wedding! Planning for a bride is stressful and it was so nice to never have to worry about her!

I'm In love!

"There is no other way to say it:

scott & claire
los angeles couple

 Once we launched the custom site, HOLY CRAP!  As someone who isn’t selling physical or digital goods, drawing website traffic isn’t the easiest thing to do. The  amount of traffic I get on my custom website blows my previous analytics out of the water!  I know that I will “wow” anyone that visits my site, and as we all know, first impressions matter!

royal treatment!"

"Incredible design paired with the


Working with Ali was one of the easiest experiences of planning my wedding!
She is sweet, hard-working, and extremely talented. I would recommend her talented hands anytime!

seriously talented hands!"

"Ali has some

Liz medrano
los angeles bride

Ali is professional, fast, and you can tell she puts her heart into every piece she makes. I highly recommend having her create something special for you! You won’t be disappointed! Ali took all of the details I loved and created beautiful invitations and signage for my wedding...my guests were so blown away!

Full of heart."

"Ali is undeniably

alessa lohoff
los angeles bride

let's pull a casablanca and take it to the
next level

I think this might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship